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Beauty Secrets and Being Beautiful

Beauty Secrets

Beauty is something that is hard to define. It is subjective and forever evolving. In the same way, the quest for beauty is never ending. In as much as there are many ways of defining and seeing beauty there are also many ways of achieving and exuding beauty.

Everybody wants to be beautiful, to be pleasing to others, to bring happiness and to be fulfilled. We are all in search for beauty secrets and we each have our own beauty secrets. These are beauty secrets - secrets to being beautiful both inside and outside - a beautiful whole being.

  • Love yourself.
    Believe in yourself. Accept yourself. Recognize the beauty in yourself. Be confident.
  • Be happy!
    Smile. Laugh. Be positive. Love others.
  • Exercise.
    Breathe. Get fresh air. Walk. Go to the gym.
  • Stand tall.
    Sit up straight. Have a good posture.
  • Eat healthy.
    Eat fruits and vegetables. Eat in moderation. Have a balanced diet. Consider a vegan diet
  • Hydrate.
    Drink lots of water. Drink fresh juice.
  • Relax.
    Sleep well. Rest. Have a spa.
  • Keep your hair clean and well groomed.
    Use a conditioner and shampoo. Brush your hair.
  • Be clean.
    Bathe. Brush your teeth. Trim and clean your nails and toenails.
  • Pamper your skin.
    Keep it young and glowing. Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturize and protect your skin.
  • Wear make-up.
    Use make-up to enhance and emphasize your best features. Keep it to a minimum. Do not put on heavy make-up.
  • Feel Good, Look Good!
    Feeling good about yourself is one of the best ways to make you look beautiful.
  • Wear what you like!
    Wear clothes and accessories that make you feel good and flatter your figure.
  • Cultivate your inner beauty.
    Show your integrity. Be true. Be responsible. Know what you're saying.
  • Find beauty.
    Create beauty outside yourself. Find and put beauty in everything that you do and see.

Beautiful woman

These are beauty secrets which you can apply in your daily life. The key is to make it your own and be true to it.

Beauty comes from within. Find the beauty in you and this will radiate outwards to everybody. Keep your body healthy and you will look and feel good and beautiful - physically, mentally and emotionally. Enhance your beauty - work with it, NOT against it.

Be beautiful!

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